Friday, February 15, 2019

Try These Yoga Moves The Next Time You're Exhausted

If you're feeling exhausted from the day, these four yoga moves from Chelsey Korus will help you stay energized.

Watch as yoga teacher Chelsey Korus teaches a simple yoga move to boost your energy and uplevel your practice. 

Variation #1 

Base Layer: Start at the top of your mat. Get down in a deep squat, place your hands on your mat and step back into a plank. Step forward up to your hands, squat, and extend through the hips.

Variation #2

 Hop: Add in a hop to plank position and a hop back to your hands.

Variation #3 

Chataranga & Jump: Level up with a chaturanga push-up in plank position and finish with a jump towards the sky.

Variation #4 

Mountain Climber: After hopping back to plank, throw in a mountain climber: bring 

from Yoga Journal